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Protect Your Outdoor Furniture with Our Specialized Storage Rain Covers. At Skyline Design, we understand the importance of preserving the quality and longevity of your outdoor furniture. That’s why we’ve developed our high-tech storage covers, designed to shield your furniture from dust, fading, and harsh weather conditions.

Crafted from 100% waterproof high-density polyester (250 g/m²) with a durable canvas weave, our covers are engineered to withstand various weather elements. The material features a moisture-repellent membrane boasting an impressive water resistance of 8000 mm and breathability of 2000 g/m²/24h. This advanced technology prevents any greenhouse effect while remaining effective in both low and high temperatures, suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +35°C.

The seamless top surface of our covers offers enhanced moisture protection. The covers’ strength and durability are further amplified by reinforced seams. For a secure fit, each cover includes an elastic drawstring at the bottom, ensuring it stays snugly in place over your furniture. Plus, each cover comes with a convenient storage bag.

For best results, use the cover without any folds and ensure that cushions are dry before covering to prevent mold and odors. To maintain the cover, wash and dry it thoroughly after use. We recommend delicate washing at temperatures not exceeding +40°C with specialized products for membrane fabrics, and advise against technical washing products that could impair the cover’s protective features.

Please note: During rainfall, avoid excessive pressure on the cover to prevent moisture formation on the inner surface.

By taking the right steps for proper furniture storage with our specialized covers, your outdoor pieces will remain in pristine condition for years to come!




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