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Valencia CF’s Business Club hosted its Business Night at Camp de Mestalla, marking the end of the 2020-21 season. This exclusive event brought together the club’s sponsors and partners, including the esteemed Skyline Design.

The evening was a vibrant affair, featuring live music and serving as a prime networking opportunity for Valencia’s business community. It provided a platform for sharing ideas and strengthening relationships among the key players in the region’s business landscape.

Skyline Design was prominently represented by Project Managers Ángel and Ricardo, who attended the gala event at the iconic Mestalla Stadium. The gathering, organized by Valencia CF, celebrated the achievements of the 2021 season and fostered discussions on various topics of interest to the team and its collaborators.

Highlighting the event, Skyline Design’s delegates had the privilege of dining with Anil Kumar Murthy, President of Valencia CF. This interaction underscored the significance of the partnership between the club and its sponsors, paving the way for future collaborations and shared successes.


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